Thinking into|about Practice

Academics and practitioners are invited to contribute to this collection by informally drawing on text, objects and/or images to reflect upon the nexus between thinking and practice in the field of law and development.

To propose a new contribution please contact academic coordinator
Amanda Perry-Kessaris.


Kinnari Bhatt Chagos: stripped bare and subverted
Veronica L. Taylor Law and development begins at home
Clare Manuel  The effects of good and bad government
Liz Alden Wily Taking control of our natural resources
Fiona Macmillan  Rhinoceros
Amanda Perry-Kessaris Taking possession of ‘new’ countries
Patrick McAuslan You may be a consultant but you are still, and will always be, a student
Ernest Caldwell  Visualising Constitutionalism in China
Janet McKnight The Great Wave
Richard Zajac-Sannerholm The Boring Rule of Law